Waschem brand provides chemicals for Boiler, Cooling, CIP RO and RO systems

Nearly 10 years of development in accordance with its original mission, WASOL JSC have become one of the leading packaging contractors (EPC), a leading water treatment specialist in Vietnam about Industrial and civil water treatment technology solutions.

With the desire to bring satisfaction to even the most fastidious customers Wasol brings to customers. We bring the Service and Package solutions to Consulting, installation, maintenance, and repair of the system.

  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Handling Civil Water Fragments
  • Chemicals, Consumables
  • ROSOL Water Purifier
  • Provide DI water Purian brand

In addition to the above-mentioned business lines, Wasol is also one of the suppliers of Waschem chemicals of the systems such as Boiler, Cooling, CIP RO, RO which are manufactured and imported into Singapore, Malaysia.

Waschem provide chemicals for Boiler, Cooling, CIP RO, RO systems


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