Deionized Water (Deionized Water) in the laboratory

If you are a good scientific researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, you have to work in the laboratory, then understanding the different types of water is very necessary, because you have to know the purity (purity) of each type of water to use for each purpose.

Most labs will have basic water types such as Industrial Water, Deion water (Deionized Water) and DEPC, Distilled water, RO water (RO-reverse osmosis).

For Industrial Water, this is a kind of water that cannot be drunk because it is not safe. Water is unfiltered and quite dirty. Only use this water for cleaning and washing. It can also be used to wash lab equipment but absolutely not at the last wash (not recommended). This country is often not used for any scientific experiments.

Water RO (RO-reverse osmosis) is a process of water purification using reverse osmosis to remove not only ions but also microorganisms and muscle tone. In general, most laboratories use a mixture of filter plastics and deionized water to produce extremely pure RO water, or they use the same system as the Milli-Q.

However, RO water may not be the most suitable water to use, especially if you use special molecular biological techniques such as qPCR.

If you have to work with DNA or RNA, it is important that the water has no nucleases. Therefore, you may need to order water that does not contain DNase and / or RNase.

In some cases, you can use Diethylpyrocarbonate or DEPC water.

Do you know DEPC water treatment with DEPC inactivated by nuclease. However, this is not forever, so your water can still be infected with nuclease later. Therefore you should be careful when using DEPC water because it is quite fortunate.

Distilled water is a type of water that has been removed from impurities through distilled water. This water is obtained by condensation of water from boiling water and cooled. However, contaminants in water that have low concentrations or boiling temperatures similar to water can also be mixed with pure water. Therefore, it is important to have a better, more reliable pure water than distilled water.

And finally, Deionized Water (Deionized Water) is full of pure water, also known as Demin water, Deion water, DI water is a water prepared by one of the methods such as distillation, ion exchange, osmosis. Inverted or EDI, the distilled water component does not contain organic or inorganic impurities. So distilled water is often used in medical, industrial and laboratory chemical and biochemical engineering.

In order to ensure that the test results are not misleading, the water source used to prepare and standardize the concentration of the solution and rinse the laboratory equipment must be of high quality, super pure and qualified distilled water. each type of experiment. To meet these strict standards, most laboratories often use ultra-pure water purifiers to ensure water quality when used.

Currently, on the market, there are many distilled water production machines but do not use distillation technology. Rosol brand ultrapure water purifier manufactured by CP Wasol with ultrapure water with the same purity as distilled water of type 1. Besides, Rosol RS-U20i ultrapure water purifier is equipped with intelligent features to help users. control water usage through magnetic cards, and be equipped with an online clock to control water quality.

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In addition to laboratory application, the Rosol RS-U20i laboratory water purifier is also used as technological water, preparation and supplementation of boiler feed water, used for washing medical equipment, microcircuit boards. electronic or dispensing drug solutions, hemodialysis.

In addition to providing specialized laboratory water purifiers, CP Wasol is also one of the pioneers in the supply and production of Purian brand Deion (Deionized Water) for all customers. bridges use different diversity such as: Using technology water, mixing, adding boiler feed water, dispensing the solution of medicine, physiological saline, hemodialysis, etc. .

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