Waschem chemical solutions applied in cooling towers

Cooling, the cooling tower is a water cooling system, or a method of cooling water in industrial production, in power plants or air conditioners, etc.

Water cooling tower is used to bring heat from the equipment and then discharged into the air when thanks to the most commonly used cooling tower, the cooling tower in the industry, the cooling tower is a device to reduce the temperature. In the water stream by extracting heat from a part of the water and discharging it into the atmosphere the rest of the cooling tower cooling water.

During construction and operation of a cooling tower to ensure the best operation. The construction side often uses excessive substances as a comprehensive optimal solution for the tower. Chemicals are often used before and after towers work. The original purpose was to passively activate the system before an operation, then the operation process to ensure the device is free from scale, corrosion, algae, microbiology.

Currently, there are many facilities on the market that provide specialized cooling chemicals for cooling towers but it is difficult to identify the origin. Capturing customer psychology CP Wasol Company, one of the leading environmental companies in Vietnam, has launched the brand name Waschem chemical solution in the cooling tower with the aim of ensuring the construction process. Building a system for customers to ensure the best performance, thereby also offering a reputable brand market to supply guaranteed and quality chemicals.

Not stopping at Cooling, Waschem brand also provides chemicals for systems such as Boiler, RO, CIP RO manufactured in Singapore, Malaysia.

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